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  1. Influence Of Wedding Accessories

    Influence Of Wedding Accessories

    ‘Wedding accessories’, whenever we spell this word, the sudden images we create in our mind, remind us to that of bride’s wedding accessories.

    But No! Here I am talking about our Groom’s wedding accessories. So let us shift our focus from Bride’s accessories onto our Gentle Dulha’s accessories.

    Our modern groom too adorns the traditional wedding accessories for him to look perfectly traditional and appear none-the-less than his beautiful bride-to-be.

    Accessories works as touch-ups to the Ethnic wedding attires that completes the groom’s incompleteness. Assembling accessories with the stunning traditional outfits

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  2. Ideas on what to wear for sangeet?


    Sangeet is an occasion of nach-gaana, fun, masti and dhamaal. Age doesn’t matter for this function, may it be young or old, everyone enjoys it to the fullest.

    Now-a-days, the function of Sangeet before the wedding is a trend in the Traditional Big Fat Indian Weddings.

    It’s the only function among all the wedding functions wherein everyone enjoys to the fullest; the groom and the bride, their families, their friends’ gang and also the invited guests.

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  3. Rules to suit yourself a suit

    The suits forms one of the classic and essential pieces of a man’s wardrobe.

    The suits forms one of the classic and essential pieces of a man’s wardrobe.

    There are various types of suits based on occasion, time of the day, body fit, and place.

    Types of suits include Lounge suits, Dinner suits, Business suits, Mandarin suits, Wedding suits, Zoot or jazz a

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  4. How to prepare for the BIG DAY!!!

    Want to steal the spotlight on your big day?

    Must be thinking why only Brides-to-be have all the fun when it comes to wedding and wedding wear. But now don’t worry, because the scenes have changed, Our Gentle Dulhas too have various options to explore for the big day.

    Gone are the days, when only women had varieties of choices for their wedding shopping, it’s a myth now.

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  5. Tips on Buying Sherwani

    Tips on Buying Wedding Sherwani

    Wedding is always a special occasion in everyone's life and to make this day special, you need to take great care in choosing sherwani for groom. Certain things need to be taken care of like the expense, comfort, latest fashion and the fabrics. We bring before you certain tips on buying wedding sherwani for groom.

    Before you plan to wear a sherwani make sure you know the latest trend. Do some market study and always keep a check on what bollywood celebrities wear on the wedding day. A groom's sherwani is of a great important equally to Bride's outfit. gone are the days when only a bride's lehenga was the eye ca

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  6. Indian Safa

    Designer Indian Traditional Safa / Turban

    Safa is a traditional yet fashionable head wear of Rajasthan. It served as a protection from the scorching heat. A sign of dignity, Safa is an important ingredient to make the groom look handsome on his wedding day. It represents self-respect, prosperity and dynamic personality as per the Indian traditional myths. A handsome groom on the way to marry his beautiful bride without a Safa is rarely heard of. It’s just not an important part of a groom’s wear but also that of his father, cousins, uncles and other male relatives. In most cases, it’s usually gifted by a bride’s family to the groom’s fam

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  7. STATUS Blog


    When we think about the new season collection, “We always put ourselves under pressure,"  "We try to change it up and push it each season, we don't want to stick to what we've done previously. We don't want to be just one thing. I think there's a fear in fashion to move away from what you're known for but it's good to feel uncomfortable and scared at times. 

    This fearlessness combined with his undeniable talent and hunger has propelled our brand forward and deservedly won us the hearts of the press and pockets of the world's finest buyers but it can be divisive. We believe every outfit when you wear should make you feel something special and that's what we strive for."


    1. The most romantic day for the lovers to tie the knot would be none other than Valentine Day. Couples believe that tying knot on the day meant to celebrate love & togetherness will make their love immortal. If you are head over heel in love then talk to your partner about getting married on Valentine’s Day. Here are tips for planning a valentine wedding theme.

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